I forgot I had a blog!

It happens.  I’m very scattered when it comes to the stuff I do.  I guess I’ll do a bit of a picture free status update.

I forgot about HTML5.  That’s okay, it’s not really a “thing” so much as an idea.  I went back to playing with PHP, SQL, Javascript, and the like.  Learned about AJAX, which is pretty cool.  I’m working on a video game.  I’m always working on a video game, and have never finished one.  In fact, the last programming project I finished was a DOS based multi-drive CD player interface in Pascal.  In 1998.

I finished my amp.  I attached the proper ground wire to a chassis ground, and cleaned the contacts on the LEDs, now the lights light and the buzz is gone.  Success!

Swapped my Mushkin ram with some crappy OEM stuff out of a DELL.  1/2 the size, but it hasn’t bluescreened since (and that was like a year ago).

I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of the stuff I’ve been working on, and I’ll get to posing it later.

Okay.  Yeah.  Carry on.

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