I got a Robot!

Back in the ’80s, I wanted an Omnibot.  It was an RC robot with a tape deck in its chest that you could program to move around and talk.  Awesome.  I never got one.

But Karra’s older brother Markus did.

Omnibot before
What a happy robot

Now, Omni here hasn’t had the best time during the past 25 years.  He’s been living in a back corner of my in-law’s basement or garage, getting grubby and being un-loved.  Fortunately, I got this little guy before he went into the garage sale.  I think I can rebuild him.  Better… stronger… faster.

I’ve never seen the six million dollar man.  But Robots are awesome.  So are tape decks.

Omni's head, sitting on his body halves
You think this inspired wall-e?

I’ll be writing a step-by-step tear down log soon, but I’ve got a lot of pictures to comb through.

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