Hand painted signs are pretty great.

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There is a secret parking lot on the roof of the strip mall across the street. It used to be super fun in the mornings, trying to walk by the homeless dude on the stairs back to ground level without waking him.

The dealership started renting the lot, and installed security doors and a gate, so there is now fewer people living on the stairs.

I’m guessing this sign has been in place since it was constructed, all the other signs are modern reflective printed boring signs. Because this sign is on the north wall, there is limited human traffic, and it has been less fucked with.

If I’m ever rich and famous enough to require a sign, you can count on me finding a sign painter to make it. Sure, they don’t last long and are invisible at night, but you only need to read a sign once. You may have to look at it for years. I’d rather look at something nice instead of being reminded that someone may steal my shit.

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