Hector holdin’ it down.

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It’s amazing sometimes what you find in trade in cars.

Hector is a little soapstone hippo that one of the lot guys found in a Ford Ranger that was traded in. Bouncing around the cab with the jumper cables, old coffee cups, and a DustBuster. I oiled out some of the worse rash on his back, and re-levelled his base, but I’ve avoided “fixing” a lot of chips and nicks.

Kind of strange, this little guy. Someone took the time to carve a hippo out of soapstone, not really traditional subject matter. I’m assuming somebody bought this at some point, and I’m guessing it was a gift. Along the lines of “so and so really likes hippos, they’d love this thing”. How it gets from the artist who was probably pretty proud of their work, to sliding around the back of a truck, to being one of the things not worth picking out of the pile of trash when the truck is traded in is an odd journey.

Also, the parts manager tried to kidnap him, but I managed to liberate Hector and return him to his rightful place, keeping papers from flying around my windowless office.

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