My Hateful Computer

My home PC regularly blue screens.  I’m learning to live with it, but it’s not something I’m used to.  I have had stable computers for years running overclocked, discarded, broken, and modified hardware, with patched, modified, and out-dated software.

But my current PC hates me and hates windows.  I’m running a Core2 E6300 at stock 1.86, 2 sticks of 2GB Mushkin 6400 in dual channel, Two 36GB WD Raptors in RAID, and a gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard with the latest bios.  And the problem is with one of those things.

I borrowed an EVGA 8800GTS video card when I built it.  It never ran very stable, and the video drivers would reset under Windows 7.  I had five hard drives in my case and a 480W Antec TruePower power supply, so I figured it was a power issue.  Took out three of my hard drives, put them in my NAS box, and ran it for a while.  More problems, more issues, so I installed Ubuntu.

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