Can’t leave. Fire truck. Guess I’ll have more coffee.

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This is the first picture I’ve posted in a while. I’ve decided to take a noteworthy snapshot every day this coming year, and figured I’d start early, to try and actually follow through with it.

I’ve had problems with daily schedules. Working random hours for ten years or so will do that to a person. Now that I’ve got a steady nine-to-five type gig, the nine part (and the five as well) has been quite an adjustment. It’s more like a 9:10 to 6:45. So it’s kind of fitting that my first “scheduled” picture is of my schedule being screwed up. Leaving for work in the morning to find myself boxed in by a fire truck.

As far as I know there was no fire. At least not at my house.

Maintenance on the RC


Got a few hours of no wife and kids, so I switched up the gear ratio of my TT-01. I’m running an 8.5 turn Viper motor and VTX10 ESC with a 2s lipo, and was running a 28/55 gear set for a final drive. It thermal shutdown when I went on long straits, and was impossible to control, so I put it back to the stock 19/61 for a 8.35 final drive, threw some heat sinks on the motor and ESC, and it got better. But boring, super slow. Now I put it to 23/58 to split the difference at 6.56, but it,s 30c outside now, so I’m charging my batteries, and I’ll see how she runs this evening. Also, the WordPress app for the iPhone likes to keep half the text behind the keyboard, so I’m typing blind. We’ll see how this post looks.


While I was playing with HTML, I decided to give HTM5 a shot.  Based on I made  It doesn’t work yet.  Wordpress is using the .htaccess file to push that subdirectory back to the main site, so I’m changing it, hopefully without breaking anything…

Still doesn’t work.  Something in the /boilerplate dir is screwing it up.

Totally was.  the HTML5 boilerplate .htaccess file included

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